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Fulvio Toschi's Law Firm has been based in Bologna since 1991 and specializes in criminal cases.
The lawyer Toschi carries out his activity in all the judicial districts and at the Supreme Court of Cassation.
He was born in Varese in 1963. He graduated in Law in December 1987 at the University of Bologna with a grade of 110/110 cum laude, discussing the thesis in Criminal Law entitled: "Il dolo: la coscienza del disvalore del fatto".

From MARCH 1988 to JUNE 1989 he carried out his military service as a Complement Officer of the Guardia di Finanza at the Accademia del Corps and the Regional Tax Police Unit of Florence.

In SEPTEMBER 1989 he began his legal practice at the law firm of Professor Luigi Stortoni, holder of the Chair of Criminal Law.

In SEPTEMBER 1991, after passing the qualifying examination for the legal profession, he enrolled in the Council of the Bologna Bar Association.

In the YEARS 1991-1994 he held the position of teacher at the “Course for the preparation for the competition for judicial auditor” in the field of criminal law; and the function of teacher at the Official Academy of the Guardia di Finanza in Bergamo in the criminal-tax law course, as well as teacher in numerous refresher courses organized by the "Higher Institute for the training of personnel of the Regions and Local Authorities" - ISAPREL - on the theme “The crimes of Public Officials against the Public Administration”.

In 1995 he set up his own law firm in Bologna, in criminal matters.

In OCTOBER 1999, after a period of study in English at the Faculty of Law of the University of Edimburgh and the University College of London, he obtained the title of PhD in Criminal Law, discussing the dissertation entitled "The legitimate defense in Anglo-Saxon system ".

In the YEARS 2004/2006 he was elected Councilor of the Board of Directors of the “Franco Bricola” Criminal Chamber of Bologna.

FROM SEPTEMBER 1996 TO TODAY: he carries out the legal profession, specializing in criminal law and, in particular, criminal-tax, criminal-corporate, bankruptcy, building offences, accidents at work, medical and health responsability, crimes against the Public Administration. He participates as a speaker at numerous conferences on criminal matters.

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